Blog Post #10: Digital-Viral Revisited

**Note: If we made an arrangement in which you didn’t circulate your meme, hashtag, or digital text, scroll down to the “Alternative Post” assignment below.

For your tenth and final blog post of the semester, you’ll need to revisit the digital-viral text you created for last week and discuss how, if at all, it’s spread through digital space. Here are the questions you’ll need to answer:

  • Describe how audiences intended and/or unintended engaged with your digital-viral text.
  • Account for how, if at all, your digital-viral text spread. You don’t have to list every individual or social media account that interacted with your work, but do note general trends and patterns with regard to how it circulated (was it remixed or changed at all, for instance?)
  • If your digital-viral text didn’t spread, account for why you think this might be.
  • What, if anything, would have made your text circulate more? Context, subject matter, platform, exigence, etc.?

This one’s a bit shorter at 250 words. Due by class on Thursday, 12/7.


Alternative Blog Post #10:

So if you didn’t circulate your digital-viral text for Blog Post #9, here’s what I’d like you to do instead.

Take a look at one of the following posts below. Each is an example of memes, hashtags, and other digital-viral texts whose meanings have been remixed and reappropriated, misinterpreted and hijacked. Pick one and then address the questions below:

I.) DiGiorno Pizza and #WhyIStayed

II.) What’s a “Covfefe”?

III.) McDonald’s “McDStories”

IV.) Conclusion, Collusion, Illusion, Delusion

  • Why is this an example of a failed digital-viral text?
  • What about what “went wrong” allowed for the digital-viral text to spread?
  • What can we learn about writing and rhetoric from these mishaps?

Same deal as above—250 words by class on Thursday, 12/7.


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