Fake News Class Notes (12/5) + Media Literacy Resources

Intro to Fake News:

What do YOU think fake news is?

Haroon: Satire, DJT blew this up, now more widespread; misreported news, even as accident

Edgar: Trump gave rise to this term…News that comes from biased sources that lean to one side on political spectrum

e.g.) Fox News? Highlighting certain things they want audience to know; Jeff points out deliberate omission of information

Brittany: Fake news could be left-leaning, right-leaning…Not fact-checking, sensational; could support either side

Where do you encounter it (or conversation about it) in your day-to-day lives?

Sophia:Class / Research Projects; Social Media; 62% of adults get news from social media

Family and friends share

People believe what they see/read online

Fake news headlines as skew headlines w/r/t DJT

Jeff: Lil Windex (fake rapper?)…Satirical bent that’s not just limited to alphabetic text

In what ways do you feel prepared (or not prepared) to identify fake news?

Christian: Experience? Felt sense?

Alex: If it looks clickbait-y, it probably is

Brittany: Fake News v. Bad Journalism w/r/t Shattered Glass movie


Additional Fake News Resources

To follow up on our conversations about media literacy and fake news, here’s a link to a pretty comprehensive document on how to identify and analyze False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical News Sources.

The list was compiled by Melissa Zimdars, an Assistant Professor of Communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, and it also contains a list of websites that host fake, misleading, or satirical news.

In addition, since our conversation centered around differences between fake news and bad journalism, I’m linking to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which provides some good, core tenets for what news reporting should be and do.



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