Multimodal WAM Essay: Peer Review Instructions (12/12)

Multimodal WAM Essay: Peer Review Questions

**Exchange your Multimodal WAM Essay draft with a partner at your table and spend some time looking through it. Then discuss the following questions. Oh, and in case you want another look at the prompt, it’s accessible here (if you scroll down in the document).

1.) To what extent is it clear as to why the composer has chosen to complete their Multimodal WAM Essay in the medium they selected? To what degree are they taking advantage of said medium?

2.) How well does the composer provide a clear and straightforward sense of their central claim? If not, what suggestions might you have to make this guiding statement stronger or more comprehensive?

—Remember, from the prompt, that “you don’t need a thesis statement for this piece, but your work should be organized in a format that’s clear and makes sense for the medium you choose”

3.) How comprehensively does the composer discuss the affordances and constraints of the media in which they created their reflective statements (alphabetic text and video)?

—If applicable, how comprehensively does the composer talk through the affordances and constraints of crafting these statements individually v. collaboratively?

4.) To what effect does the composer refer to specific instances and examples from their composing processes and major assignments to support their claims?

5.) How well is the piece working organizationally? Can you follow how the composer has assembled their ideas with regard to the requirements of the essay prompt?

**Once you work through these questions, talk with your table about major patterns, trends, conclusions you arrived at throughout your peer review conversations. You’ll be asked to report out and share these with the large group.

**Think of this as “Things you might have learned from peer review that’d stand to help others complete / revise their Multimodal WAM Essays”


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