Here you’ll find a list of select class readings from the course schedule in PDF format. Readings that have been published on the web are directly hyperlinked in the course schedule. The ones that aren’t are downloadable below.

—Adler-Kassner and Wardle, “Metaconcept” and “Concept 1”Naming What We Know 

—Bitzer, “The Rhetorical Situation”

—Cintron, “Gangs and Their Walls”Angels’ Town

—Harley, “Maps, Knowledge, and Power,” The New Nature of Maps

—Knobel and Lankshear, “Online Memes, Affinities, and Cultural Production”A New Literacies Sampler

—McKee, “Sound Matters”

—McVey and Woods, “Anti-Racist Activism and the Transformational Principles of Hashtag Publics”

MacGillivray and Curwen, “Tagging as a Social Literacy Practice”

—Sterne, “The MP3 as Cultural Artifact”

—Tyner, “The Importance of Map Reading”The World of Maps (we group-read this chapter in class on 11/2)

—Tyner, ““Map Basics”,” The World of Maps (skim this!)

—Tyner, ““Virtual Maps and GPS”,” The World of Maps

—Zdenek, Preface and Chapter One; Reading Sounds: Closed-Captioned Media and Popular Culture