WAM Literacies

A downloadable Word file of the WAM Literacies assignment sheet can be accessed here.

**And, as an addendum to this prompt, I’ll go ahead and recap what we talked about in class on 9/7 with regard to affordances and constraints, two terms discussed in the prompt.

What are Affordances? Possibilities for action, things that a medium, mode, or text enables or grants. What a medium, mode, or text can do (that other media, modes, or texts cannot)?

e.g.) Snapchat! Can better convey emotion and communicate faster, more efficiently through photo than print.

What Are Constraints?—Limitations, drawbacks, things that a medium, mode, or text can’t do

e.g.) Snapchat (again)! Relies on other people who have Snapchat (v. something like a letter), requires the Internet to function

**Update on 9/14: Groups for WAM Literacies Assignment // **Update on 9/28: Presentation Dates for WAM Literacies Assigned

Animation: Haroon + Nathaniel (Tuesday, 10/17)

Spoken WordShireen + Saul (Thursday, 10/26)

Film: Seo-Hee + Ada + Kristine (Tuesday, 10/31)

Music VideoJasmine + Matt (Thursday, 11/9)

Drawing FreehandVivienne + Donna (Tuesday, 11/14)

Photography: Karina + Brittany (Tuesday, 11/14)

Design ThinkingEdgar + Jeff + Sophia  (Thursday, 11/16)

SnapchatAlex + Kaitlyn (Tuesday, 11/28)

Coloring: Christian and Lesley (Thursday, 12/7)